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These outstanding game development startups are current or past Core  Labs members.

Photos from the Class 1 Demo Day

Member Testimonials

Being in the Core Labs Game Accelerator gave us the opportunity to be in much better place market-wise. It gave us visibility into Silicon Valley that would otherwise be very hard to obtain, especially being from Brazil.
Anthony coached us in how to use this visibility to expand our network and to make contacts that are allowing us to plan our game's launch at a whole different level. It ended up being great for us!

-Sebastiao Liparizi, Overpower studios

"Anthony and the team at Core Labs have been a great help in connecting us with the right people and companies to take our game, Failure, to market. We built relationships with companies such as Razer, NVIDIA and Intel which will help with the credibility of our game and have gained some insightful support from other Core Labs partners including Ray Mazza (Ex-Creative Director at Maxis, Sims 4) among several others. The business knowledge we have gained has been a great help in planning for the future of Dream Harvest up to and beyond the release of our first game."

-Justin French, Dream Harvest

"Core Labs was an amazing experience! They did everything in their power to fully equip me with all the tools and knowledge required to build a sustainable game company. I feel better prepared and very confident about my ability to move my company forward towards success thanks to Core Labs!"

-Jon malave, MijiKai Games

"Core Labs is like a second education in games business. The program will test you at times but you will come away with a greater understanding of yourself and your games. I was lucky to have met some talented people who have helped me grow as a developer and whom I can look to in the future for support." 

-Sorob Raissi, Spread Shot Studios