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These accomplished individuals have signed up to be mentors of the developers in Core Labs. Our esteemed mentors range from AAA game developers all the way up to CEOs of major corporations.

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300+ years

Indie Love


Tom Kalinske

Former CEO, SEGA and Leapfrog

Tony Tamasi

SVP, Content & Technology, NVIDIA

tony parisi

WebGL  and VR  Pioneer

Bing gordon

CPO and General Partner, KPCB

Jim whims

Partner, Alsop-Louie

Carl Rosendahl

Professor of Entrepreneurship, CMU

Jeff Burton

Co-Founder, Electronic Arts

Chad Vivoli

Platform Evangelist, NVIDIA

jay onda

Former Principal, Docomo Capital

hunter smith

Creative Business Leader, MaxPlay

hans ten cate

Business Development Head, MaxPlay

Sinjin Bain

CEO, MaxPlay

brian sapp

Director of Digital Publishing,
WB  Games

chuka ikokWu

Senior Manager, WB  Games

chris ahn

Sr. Manager of User Acquisition,
WB  Games

ray mazza

Lead Systems Designer,
Super Evil Megacorp

mark logan

Lead Platform Developer, Artillery

ian langworth

CTO, Artillery

martin montgomery

Director, TellTale Games

walt destler

Lead Gameplay Engineer,
Rumble Entertainment

greg love

Co-Founder, Whippering

Shelley lau

Partner, IPC Ventures

Chuck hoover

VP of Production, Schell Games

Christopher Floyd

First Officer, Indie  MEGABOOTH

Tanya short

Creative Director,  Kitfox Games

Lily li

Senior Interface Designer, 
Electronic Arts OCCO

Ivan ortega

CEO,  Alpaca Space Lab

Megan Fox

Founder, Glass Bottom Games

Adam mcclard


raghav mathur

CMO, Black Shell Media

Trevor stricker

President, Disco Pixel

Nichol Bradford

CEO, Willow Group

Nicholas Laborde

Founder &  Chief Storyteller,
Raconteur Games

amir fassihi

Founder, Dead Mage

Sylvester kaczmarek

Entrepreneur, Advisor

cade peterson

Developer Programs Manager,
Leap Motion

Mike williams

Former CFO, EA Games